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Diesel trucks are designed to haul and tow extremely heavy cargo across long distances. They do this on a daily basis for years on end. These trucks are usually seen as formidable machines that require little to no repair, but that’s not true. The pressure and force these trucks experience every day can cause damage, and although preventative maintenance typically alleviates that damage, it can still happen. That’s where we come in. Our technicians here at Fran Rock Truck Services are diesel engine experts. Working on diesel engines is literally our specialty, our bread and butter. Below we’ve put together a list of common diesel engine repairs for your convenience and reference. 

Common Diesel Engine Repairs

Blown Head Gaskets

Do you see white smoke coming from your exhaust? Is your fuel efficiency significantly worse than normal? Maybe your truck struggling to tow or haul anything heavy? Well, if you said yes to the following questions, you may have a blown head gasket. Head gaskets typically blow when your engine overheats for prolonged periods of time. Although we can definitely repair this damage for you, we highly recommend looking into what caused it to blow in the first place. 

Fuel Injection Problems

Your engine won’t run if it doesn’t get any fuel! Sometimes fuel injection systems can get clogged up. Whether it be poor maintenance or bad fuel, don’t let a clogged fuel system get you down. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re fuel injection experts. We’ll have your diesel engine running better than ever before. Whether you need to simply replace your fuel filter or overhaul your entire fuel system, Fran RockTruck Services has you covered. 

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Fran Rock Truck Services offers a full suite of diesel engine repair services. It doesn’t matter how large or how small the issue is. We’ll have it fixed up before you know it. We believe in doing these repairs in the most efficient way possible, meaning you’ll spend less time in the shop, and more time on the road.