Towing in West Nyack, New York

Tow truck from Fran Rock Truck Services in New York

Fran Rock Truck Services offers a full set of towing services for both light and heavy-duty vehicles. Our drivers will ensure your vehicle is towed safely and in a timely manner. Here at Fran Rock, we’re known for the care we show the vehicles we tow. Whether you’ve been in an accident or are simply broken down, Fran Rock Truck Services will come to get you and bring you to the location of your choosing. Below you will find a list of our towing services for your reference. 

Types of Towing Available at Fran Rock Truck Services

Rollback Tow Truck

Do you have a light-duty truck that’s broken down? We’ll send out our rollback tow truck to pick up the vehicle. The great thing about rollback tow trucks is that none of your wheels are moving. Your vehicle is safe and secure on a large flatbed. Our rollbacks are large enough to carry dually pickup trucks and other dually service vehicles. 

Large Heavy Wrecker Tow Truck

If your heavy-duty truck or 18-wheeler has broken down and needs to be towed, we’ll send out one of our large heavy wreckers. Our heavy wreckers are capable of towing incredible amounts of weight. We’ll make arrangements to have your trailer dealt with if necessary. 

Heavy Wrecker with Crane

Do you need something super heavy moved? Well, you’re in luck! Fran Rock Truck Services has a heavy wrecker capable of moving heavy things! Whether you need a large A/C unit placed on a roof or need a large semi-truck pulled out of a ditch, Fran Rock Truck Services has got you covered.

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Looking for towing services? Why not give Fran Rock Truck Services a call today? We value customer satisfaction and safety above all else and understand that efficiency is a must. Every minute you’re not on the road is a minute you’re losing money, so we do our best to tow your vehicle to the shop of your choosing in a fast yet safe manner.