Mobile and Roadside Axle Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Axles are an extremely important part of your drivetrain. Generally, they’re on either side of a differential and are responsible for transferring power to your wheels. These axles are constantly under a lot of pressure and stress. They have to withstand the enormous torque created by heavy-duty diesel engines. When axles are not maintained properly they tend to snap. This can cause quite a bit of damage, for your axles are directly connected to the rest of your drivetrain. Poor maintenance usually results in a lot of heat and friction, hence the snapping axle. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re heavy-duty axle experts. We’re more than capable of repairing or replacing axles as needed.

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Axles

Excessive Heat From Wheel Hubs

Damaged axles will cause a lot of friction to happen inside your wheel hub. This friction can cause severe damage if not dealt with immediately. If you notice that your hubs are getting very hot, we highly recommend you bring your truck in for service. Keep in mind that your axles are directly connected to your drivetrain, meaning if they cause severe damage, you’re at risk of damaging everything from your differential to your transmission. How do axles become damaged you may ask? Well, it’s typically due to the axle not being able to stand up to the incredible torque produced by your engine. 

Vibrations and Rattling

If you notice that your rear axles are vibrating or rattling, chances are your axle is damaged. Your axle may break away from your differential, meaning it’s bouncing around in your axle housing. If it’s a clean break you might not notice an increase in heat around your wheel hub. Regardless, it’s vital that you come in for your service in order to avoid future damage. 

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