Mobile and Roadside Brakes Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Heavy-duty trucks are constantly hauling a lot of weight. Bringing this weight to a stop would be impossible if not for extremely tough air brake systems. Unlike passenger vehicles that use fluid-based brakes to stop, semi-trucks and other large heavy-duty vehicles use compressed air to activate their disc or drum brakes. These systems rely on large compressors and a series of valves and lines to operate. Due to the sheer pressure being forced through these lines on a daily basis, brakes need to be maintained routinely to avoid severe damage. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re heavy-duty brake experts. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Brakes

Loud Brakes

If your brakes are incredibly loud when braking, chances are your brake pads need to be replaced. Over time, heavy-duty brake pads will wear out, leaving nothing but metal on your brake caliper. Loud brakes generally mean your brake caliper is digging into your brake rotor when coming to a stop. If this is not dealt with immediately, you may have to replace your brake rotors and your brake calipers. This is a lot more expensive than just proactively replacing your brake pads. At Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re brake experts. With decades of experience working on heavy-duty trucks, you can count on us to have your back. 

Air Brake Compressor Filling Slowly

If it’s taking longer than normal for your air brake compressor to fill up, chances are there’s a leak somewhere in your system. The vast array of airlines and valves that make up your air system are all at risk of leaking due to the sheer pressure being forced through them on a daily basis. If leaks happen, your compressor will take longer to fill because it’s receiving less air than it normally would. The excess air is escaping through a breach instead of entering your air compressor. 

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