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Your diesel engine creates a lot of heat when running but you probably don’t notice because of your heavy-duty coolant system. The extreme amounts of heat are typically dissipated using large heavy-duty radiators. How does this work you may ask? Well, coolant is pushed through your engine block by a large water pump. This coolant absorbs heat and then runs through your radiator. Your radiator then disperses this heat, therefore cooling your engine. Over time this coolant loses its ability to absorb heat and needs to be changed. For all your coolant system needs, Fran Rock Truck Services has your back. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Coolant System

Overheating Engine

If your engine is overheating, chances are you have a coolant system issue. Common culprits include coolant leaks, unchanged coolant, and a bad water pump. Sometimes coolant lines and hoses may burst simply because of age and use. Unchanged coolant is also a factor because over time coolant loses its ability to absorb heat. Both unchanged coolant and damaged coolant lines are easy to fix. An issue that’s not so easy to fix is a bad water pump. Your water pump is responsible for pushing coolant through your engine block. If this breaks, you may need to replace it altogether.

Overheating When Working Hard

Does your heavy-duty truck overheat when it’s working really hard? Maybe you notice your temperature rising when hauling or towing really heavy? Well, if you’re confident that your current cooling system doesn’t have any issues, chances are you may need an upgrade. Many trucks use oil and transmission coolers alongside standard radiator-based systems. This means heat is being absorbed by both coolant and oil, rather than just coolant. It’s a much more efficient and effective way to cool your engine and transmission. 

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