Mobile and Roadside EGR & DPF Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Modern-day diesel engines are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Although this is great for our climate and natural environment, it makes diesel engines a lot more complex. EGR and DPF systems are found on the vast majority of diesel engines and over time they both may have issues. Take the Cummins ISX15 for example. This engine is known for EGR valve leaks, which not only release more emissions into the atmosphere but can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s performance as well. Call us today to see what Fran Rock Truck Services can do for your truck’s emission control system. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad EGR System

Increased Fuel Consumption

One of the major symptoms of an EGR valve leak is increased fuel consumption. This generally means your EGR valve is stuck completely open and isn’t operating properly. Typically your EGR system plays a hand in regulating the air temperature, but when this system isn’t working properly, combustion may happen with air that’s not the optimal temperature. Hence the increased fuel consumption. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, our technicians are EGR system experts. 

Rough Engine Idle

Another major symptom of an EGR valve leak is an engine that idles roughly. Your EGR system is designed to regulate the flow of your exhaust emissions, but when it isn’t functioning properly, your emissions are constantly flowing through your system. This can create a very rough idle. The rough idle is typically complemented by increased fuel consumption. 

Poor Performance

One of the most common symptoms of an EGR valve leak is poor engine performance. You may notice that your heavy-duty truck struggles to tow really heavy loads, or may even struggle to engine brake. Although other symptoms can be ignored (even though we don’t recommend it), poor performance not only wreaks havoc on your productivity but also puts you and everyone else around you in danger. 

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