Mobile and Roadside Engine Repair Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Diesel engines are expected to work extremely hard on a daily basis. Although they’re generally reliable, they may break down if not properly maintained or overworked. Some of the more common engine damage includes blown head gaskets, fuel injection issues, and cracked oil pans. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re diesel engine experts. They’re our bread and butter, and we love to work on them. Our services are built around the idea of fast and effective service. Unlike other shops, you won’t be in for repair for extremely long times. We do good work, fast. For all your engine repair needs, Fran Rock Truck Services has your back. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Engine

White Smoke Coming From Your Exhaust

If there is white smoke coming from your exhaust, chances are you’ve blown a head gasket. Head gaskets usually blow when your engine has overheated for too long. The white smoke is typically seen alongside excessive coolant consumption, poor engine performance, and a very rough idle. If you notice these tell-tale signs, we highly recommend you bring your heavy-duty truck in for service. Although a blown head gasket is a large repair, if left alone it can get even worse. Due to the excessive coolant loss, your engine will likely see an increase in friction and heat which may lead to the need for an entire engine replacement. 

Check Engine Light

The check engine light in your heavy-duty vehicle is always the first symptom you’ll see. Your check engine light could indicate a vast array of problems. Everything from a completely seized engine to just not having your fuel cap on right. If your check engine light comes on, we highly recommend you bring your truck in for service. Our techs will diagnose the issue and provide you with several repair options. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services, we’re industry experts. We know the ins and outs of diesel engines better than anyone else in New York State. You can count on us to get the job done right. 

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