Mobile and Roadside Exhaust Systems Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Although many may believe exhaust systems aren’t all that important, we’re here to announce the contrary. Exhaust systems are very important and need to be maintained regularly. They’re designed to do three very important things. Firstly, they divert exhaust fumes away from your passenger compartment. This protects the health of you and your passengers. Secondly, your exhaust is designed to control how much carbon is outputted into our atmosphere. Thirdly, your exhaust is responsible for noise suppression. Not only does this make you road legal, but it helps maintain the sanity of people who live near highways. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust

Loud Exhaust Noise

If your exhaust is extremely loud, chances are you have an exhaust leak. Not only does this violate noise ordinances and could get you in trouble, but it’s also very unsafe. Your exhaust is designed to funnel fumes away from your passenger compartment. However, if the leak is close to your passenger compartment those fumes may enter. These fumes are not safe to breathe in and cause serious health problems. Not to mention they could make you pass out while driving, which puts you and everyone around you in immediate danger. Our techs here at Fran Rock Truck Services will have your exhaust leak welded back together in no time. Don’t let an exhaust leak put you in danger, call us today. 

Vibrating or Rattling

If you hear a vibrating or rattling coming from underneath your heavy-duty vehicle, chances are you have a loose heatshield. Heatshields are designed to protect the body of your vehicle from the extreme heat going through your exhaust. If your heatshield starts to fall off, you run the risk of damaged other vital components that aren’t necessarily heat resistant. You wouldn’t want to melt your brake lines, would you? If you hear vibrating or rattling, we highly recommend you bring your truck in for service. 

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