Mobile and Roadside Oil & Fluid Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

All good preventative maintenance regimens start with adequate oil and fluid changes. All of the large moving components in your vehicle need some sort of lubricant. Generally, these lubricants are responsible for two things. Removing friction and absorbing heat. Take engine oil for example. It lubricates your pistons and camshafts so they don’t overheat, all whilst absorbing heat that’s dispersed using oil coolers. Other large components that use oil or fluid to lubricate their moving parts include your transmission and differentials. For all your oil and fluid needs, Fran Rock Truck Services has your back. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Service

Overheating Engine

Many mistakenly believe that as long as there’s fluid in your coolant system, your engine won’t overheat. That’s not necessarily true. Over time your coolant loses its ability to absorb heat, therefore causing your engine to overheat. Coolant that can’t absorb heat is coolant that’s not transferring the heat to your radiator. Fortunately for anyone who hasn’t changed their coolant in a while, it’s an easy fix. Here at Fran Rock Truck Services we’ll flush out your current coolant and introduce fresh liquid into your system. 

Metal Shavings in Your Oil

If you put a magnet up to your oil and see metal shavings, chances are you’ve driven way too far without proper oil changes. Metal shavings happen when your engine oil fails to lubricate your pistons and camshafts. When there’s a lot of friction, metal components will start to come in contact with one another, hence the metal shavings. Not only is this a sign that you need an oil change, but you may need other engine repairs to prevent further damage. 

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