Mobile and Roadside Suspension Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Your suspension is responsible for holding up the weight you haul around on a daily basis. Without your suspension, your heavy-duty vehicle’s frame would be scraping along the ground. There are a wide array of parts that need to be inspected and maintained on a routine basis. The first, and arguably most important, is your air suspension. Air suspension requires complex sets of airlines and valves, and is powered by large air compressors. If this system fails, you risk losing your load and putting others at risk. Other components that need maintenance include bushings, mounts, and most importantly, shocks. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Suspension

Sagging and Squatting

If your vehicle’s suspension starts to squat or sag to one side while under heavy load, chances are you need to get your suspension serviced. Most heavy-duty trucks use air suspension, which as long as you don’t overload it, should prevent your truck from ever squatting. If your truck does squat, it may be a sign that your airbags are not filling properly, or your air compressor has been damaged. If your airbags are not filling properly, there may be an issue with your valves and airlines, for if they leak, air won’t stay in the bags. 

Rough and Bumpy Ride

Most suspension setups use shock absorbers to absorb road vibrations. Not only does this create a smooth ride for the driver and their cargo, but it also protects your vehicle’s major components from damage. If your ride quality is a lot rougher than it normally is, chances are your shock absorbers are leaking. The fluid within them can sometimes leak out the top or the bottom due to age and exposure. Fortunately for anyone experiencing this problem in New York State, Fran Rock Truck Services’ technicians are suspension experts. We’ll have your old shock absorbers swapped out with new ones before you can even finish your lunch! 

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