Mobile and Roadside Transmission & Clutches Service and Repair in West Nyack, New York

Is your transmission acting up? Maybe you’ve lost a gear, or simply need a transmission fluid flush? Well, regardless of your issue, Fran Rock Truck Services is more than capable of handling any and all transmission issues that come our way. We’re transmission and clutch experts. It’s very important that you maintain your transmission on a regular basis. It’s responsible for optimizing the power from your engine using a series of gears. Without it, you’d have a lot of power that’s simply unable to reach your wheels. For all your transmission needs, Fran Rock Truck Services has your back.

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Transmission

Trouble Shifting Gears

If you’re having trouble shifting through gears in your heavy-duty transmission, you may need to change your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating each gear so that shifting is seamless. If you’re confident that your transmission fluid is good but are still having problems, we highly recommend you come in to have your transmission services. It could mean that your clutch is being worn out, or your shifter motor needs replacement. Both are issues you don’t want to leave on the backburner. 

Missing Gears

If you shift into gear but your transmission acts as though you’re in neutral, chances are you’ve lost a gear. This can happen when your gears are damaged, or the teeth that connect each gear are worn down. Causal factors include poor maintenance regimes, manufacturer defects, and transmission fluid leaks. In order to avoid further damage, we highly recommend you bring your heavy-duty truck in for service. 

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